The Summer Update

It’s been a few months since my last update and I’d like to say there have been some changes since then but it’s more like we’ve settled into a new normal of, for me, permanently working from home.

In some ways, this is an ideal set up for me. For years, I’ve wanted to work from home at will. Even before the pandemic, I worked from home at least once a week. Now, I’m not sure when I’ll be in the office next.

Since the lockdown, working from home was a bit difficult as the whole family was also working/schooling from home. My ability to focus was severely diminished. Now, with James at day camp and Kerry at work, I’m once again working from home. This would normally be great for me except I still can’t focus. I don’t know if it’s just the pandemic or *gestures broadly * all of this but my mind can barely focus long enough to complete a task.

So I decided to try something new: establish a fairly strict routine that involves daily exercise, strength training, food logging, reading books at night, breaking up my work day into blocks of time to work on projects.

I’ve put on ten pounds since March and have felt generally very sluggish, just waiting for everything to be over. But the fact is, it’s not going to be over for a long time so I’m trying to be a lot more proactive in how I manage myself.

This week, the government of Quebec announced they would allow up to 250 people to gather in public spaces. This seems premature and a lot of medical specialists agree. Schools are expected to reopen with students in six person bubbles. I have no idea how that is going to work. At the same time, the province’s chief medical officer asks that employees continue to work from home if they can. A lot of people have opinions but nobody really knows what to do. Or rather, nobody knows how we can safely live normal lives.

We spent our summer vacation in Quebec and spent a little time in Quebec City and the Eastern Townships.

Abbaye de Saint Benoît du Lac

It’s a shame it took a pandemic to realize how huge this province is with so many great places to visit.

The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie-Jane Anders

I’m currently reading The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie-Jane Anders. I’ve enjoyed her writing since her days at io9 and this is her second novel, which is set on a planet that doesn’t rotate and therefore only a small section of the planet is livable for Earth’s far-flung descendants.

It’s quite good but I’m such a frustratingly slow reader that it’s taking ages to get through.

I’m also enjoying the new Perry Mason series on HBO which acts as a kind of origin story for the famous fictional defence attorney. I’m not normally a courtroom drama fan but this is a cut above and features some wonderful actors.

But here is where we’re at. Watching TV, trying to safely live a normal life, and knowing it’s going to be a while.

How are you all holding up?

2 thoughts on “The Summer Update

  1. I wish I had only gained 10 pounds. It’s been a rough year! And you’re coming back. People are hiring here. Housing is expensive right now so perhaps a blessing that you aren’t buying right away (aside from mortgage penalties). People are asking 100k over tax assessments and two years ago houses were selling for less than tax assessments.

    1. We may be looking at places like Sussex for a little more of the small town life. Plus we may be able to buy a place for cash and fix it up. It also gives us a chance to work in either SJ or Moncton. But I do hear about the crazy market right now. A lot of bidding wars. Same as Montreal.

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