The Pandemic Update

Should I start one of those substack newsletters all the cool kids are doing? Or would that just get updated once or twice a year like the blog?

Anyway, we’re in a pandemic! So we’re all hunkering down and streaming media content and baking bread and cleaning the house and painting the bedrooms and working, and schooling!, from home. And we will be doing so for the foreseeable future. I don’t expect kids will be back in school before September and I may be back in the office, I dunno, June? July? Fortunately, the job was always highly mobile so working from home in my recently completed home office isn’t an issue. I just never expected to be working from home and also trying to home school my kid and neither did I expect Kerry to also be working from home. So we’re all kind of tripping over each other.

Actually, Kerry still works at the hospital a few days a week which gives me a little bit of a pause as I worry about her contracting the virus, even with the extraordinary measures they have in place to protect the workers at the hospital.

But we’re both working and haven’t yet joined the six million people who have applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. I did take a pay cut of 10% which is a bummer but it beats being out of work.

Overall, I think the governments at both the provincial and federal level have been doing a reasonably good job managing this as they have been following advice of health officials. And most Canadians agree. I think generally, we’re civic minded folks who see the bigger picture and understand we have to modify our behaviour to help save lives.

It hasn’t all been good, of course. Seniors in rest homes are particularly vulnerable, as are some of the Indigenous population. The disease disproportionately affects people living in poverty. Some politicians are trying to use the pandemic to score political points and some conspiracy theorists think it’s all a plot to impose some kind of new world order and somehow 5G technology is involved.

And who would have thought the social media person for a frozen steaks company would be talking about why conspiracy theories take root?

Anyway, how are you guys holding up?

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