So I’m not a regular gamer but when we picked up the kid’s PS4 I threw in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The last video game I ever got into, outside of Angry Birds, was Civilization IV.

So now I’m equal parts obsessed and terrified this game is going to suck all my spare time because it may not have an end. Or I’m just a very slow player.

So here I am, 8 years late to the party. I think Spider-Man may be next.



I understand a lot of people don’t like to do New Year’s Resolutions. In many cases, they don’t see the point of attempting something that is doomed to fail before February.

I still like the idea of them. They’re a good chance for a reset. I always have the usual goals about eating better, exercising more but I’m in the gym 3 days a week. That’s not too bad. My main bad habit is still junk food of various types so that’s something that can be fixed, as difficult as I may find it.

But I do have one resolution that should be simple to accomplish:

Stop getting take-out coffee.

This has been an issue for me since I started working downtown almost two years ago. In my office building, I have to walk past several coffee chains before I get to elevators. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, McDonald’s, Faro. They’re all right there and I see people lining up every morning and I think, “Well if they want a coffee, I must want one too.” And I get one. Because I have the app. And I get points.

But I do this every day and I’ve calculated I’m spending close to $80 per month. Plus there is all the waste. What’s worse is my office has free coffee. There’s no reason to do this other than I like walking in with Starbucks in my hand.

This should be an easy habit to break. All I have to do is keep walking, right?

Still Lifting

Nobody is going to put me on a poster for CrossFit but I’ve been doing power lifting for about 3 years now. It’s not a workout that will make you skinny but it’s the only exercise I enjoy. It doesn’t require that I run or skate or even compete. It’s perfect for me.

So this morning I hit 365 lbs on the back squat which is 50 higher than my previous PR. 400 is in sight.

So today was a good day.

That time of year

It was a quiet Christmas this year with no traveling to visit family nor family coming to visit us. It was just the three of us which is just as well as this cold I’ve been nursing for the past week or so bloomed into a full blown nasal mess. I wouldn’t have been a very good guest or host.

So I spent most of today blowing my nose and playing Skyrim. I haven’t seriously played a video game since Civilization IV. I’ve never been great at gaming but I always thought I’d like to be. I just used my ever limited down time for other stuff.

But come the new year, we’re going to try to cut the cord on the cable TV so maybe I’ll find something new to with my free time. My kid’s generation seems to have already moved past cable TV as their primary source of entertainment. It’s all streaming and YouTube (which has its own issues).

Tomorrow I work for two days then I’m off for a week. Hopefully, I’ll be less sick then. Maybe next year we’ll do Christmas in NB.

Oh, and today I got as far as finding the Golden Claw, if that means anything to any Skyrim fans out there.

And we’re back

I guess 18 months between posts is long enough so I thought I’d check in with you.

I’m still at the job I got in 2017 and it’s going well, if a bit stressful at times. But you know how everyone says nobody really knows what they’re doing? It’s true. But it’s odd to be surrounded by MBAs and CPAs when I have a English degree and twenty years working for an airline. But I spent half of those twenty years inadvertently acquiring skills for the newly emerging field of legal pricing. So I’m doing well in most senses of the word but I also know that a financial crisis is looming out there in the world so we’ll see if my job can weather it.

Mrs. Shatnerian still works at the Children’s Hospital and things are working out well there.

It was a kind of spendy year. We did March Break in Dominican Republic at a resort. I used to scoff at the notion (“That’s not the real country, you know!”) but then we had a kid and suddenly the idea of putting your feet up with a mixed drink wasn’t so bad. We went ziplining. Have I mentioned I don’t like heights? It was very, very high. James had no fear and just screamed “YOLO” all the way down. He’s normally a risk adverse kid. I also stepped on a small round ray. They have a painful stinger in their tail, I learned.

In the summer we did the super touristy trip to PEI by staying near Cavendish. I had a nice birthday where I turned 47. This is becoming a tradition with me, having my birthdays in PEI. There are worse places.

Then in the fall, the Mazda 5 gave signs it was about to fall apart so it was replaced with a brand new Ford Escape. I find the older I get, the more I want to be up high. I’ve barely put 1000 km on it as I take the train to work or sometimes work from home. It’s mostly for weekend excursions out of town.

James is doing well(ish) in school but struggles because of his ASD/DCD. We do what we can to get him additional help. But the new government wants to abolish school boards and I don’t know how that is going to affect him.

I still enjoy my science fiction movies and TV shows but I’ve found that I enjoy the superhero stuff more when it’s aimed at kids. But Star Trek is still my favourite.

But speaking of TV, we’re considering cord cutting and going without cable. I may miss just turning on the TV and flipping channels but it seems we’re all just forestalling the inevitable move to streaming.

On my bookshelf is The Obelisk Gate, the second part in N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy which received the Hugo Award for each book in the series.

In my Spotify, is Frank Turner’s latest, Be More Kind.

So that’s about it for me. What’s up with you guys?