nightmare on christie street 3: dream warriors

Weird dream last night: K and I are in Saint John, enjoying an Alpine at Calahan’s. Not the new Calahan’s but old one on Prince William Street. In the dream, it’s shifted its location to where the Subway now stands.

I am in desperate need of money as our trip to Scotland is looming. I decide that a quick and painless way to get money is to rob a store. I dart out of the bar and up to Canterbury Street where I run into Gerry’s/Jerry’s* barbershop, brandishing a large flathead screwdriver. The logic being that barbershops are a goldmine of cash and in lieu of a gun, a screwdriver would be just as effective because airports confiscate them at security in case you want to highjack a plane with it. It works, Jerry/Gerry opens up the old-fashioned cash register and I grab a fistfull of American (?) twenties. I run back down to Calahan’s and announce we’re leaving for Scotland as soon as possible.

We arrive 5 minutes later at K’s grandparents’ place where we’re informed that my parents have been calling all day as the cops have been round asking questions about me. We decide to stay in Scotland indefinitely.

It’s a weird one but the fear of going to jail was so intense that it took me a while after I woke to convince myself it didn’t happen.

*Jerry’s/Gerry’s barbershop was known for spelling the name of the owner two different ways – one way on the sign and a different spelling on the window.

suck on this, nicole kidman!

Last week Marie-Josée Croze won the best actress award at Cannes for her role in Denys Arcand’s Les Invasions Barbares. She played a heroin addict with startlingly good teeth.

Yesterday the Journal de Montréal ran a cover story on her showing a somewhat tired looking Croze accompanied by the quote, “Non, je n’ai pas craqué.” Stories had been swirling that the media blitz that accompanied her win had caused her to have a bit of a breakdown. She wasn’t in Cannes to receive her award (she couldn’t afford the hotels or the $45 club sandwiches) and had taken to avoiding interviews (her mum was in the hospital). Yesterday she took off for Paris to visit some friends and make some contacts. This I learned from the “7 Jours” article I read on her.

I believe our generation has finally found its Genevieve Bujold – just in case you were wondering just how that search was going.

I also learned in addition to her performance in Les Invasions, her breakthrough performance was in Maelstrom for which she won a Genie award. I did not know however that she had her first major role in the Québec comedy La Florida, playing Carmen, Remy Girard’s bikini clad daughter with the huge 80’s hairstyle. The movie is worth a look as it chronicles the lives of Quebeckers who spend their winters in Ft. Lauderdale. Croze doesn’t have a huge part but her two boyfriends are probably the funniest thing in the film – two criminals whose main goal in life is to become famous in the pages of “Allo Police!”

She also had a part in Battlefield Earth but we won’t talk about that.