What’s up with buddy?

Born and raised in Saint John, NB with family roots in Prince Edward Island, Massachusetts, Denmark, and Scotland. Spent twenty years in Montreal. Back in Saint John.

Somehow a frequently updated blog about sci-fi and whatever else would become a sporadically updated blog about parenting, politics, sci-fi, and whatever.

10 thoughts on “What’s up with buddy?

  1. Hi, I just had to tell you that you have found the perfect, easy to read, look.
    I really had a problem with the red font and black background.

    I was also wondering why you decided to limit access to your Twitter.
    I am curious because quite a few others have done the same (like nivuniconnu and chicagoan). It seems to me, as a faithful reader, that since the advent of Twitter, people devote less time to their blog, and if I can’t check out what is going on with them on Twitter, well… you know.

    I am wondering what is behind your decision, if you don’t mind my asking.

    Long time lurker Line

  2. I blocked Twitter because I was getting far too many fake twitter accounts following me. It was becoming a bit of a problem. I’ve since unblocked the access.

  3. I did it just because I see Twitter as a venue for discussions with people I know and not the public at large. It’s nice to have that also in addition to the public soapbox which is the blog.

  4. Hi, John

    I am contacting you here about Corrie Canuck as I don’t know how else to communicate. It is not possible to see the comments that follow episode summaries. Instead, there are ads for “Earn Big $ working @ home” & “Get a flatter stomach in days”. Not sure what’s going on but I wanted to let you know.

    a fan

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