Content Consumption

One thing about unemployment, it does give one a little more time to enjoy one’s leisure hobbies.

Terry Pratchett has always been a bit of blind spot for me because I’ve not read a lot of fantasy and one of the worst people I know was a huge Pratchett fan so it sort of coloured my opinion. Yet I would always comes across passages from his Discworld novels and kept thinking, “This is the type of thing I could enjoy.” So I’ve started in on them and so far, they’re pretty funny and extremely well thought out in terms of the world he builds. This is all old news to Discworld fans but I’m enjoying the discovery.

I also recently finished How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu and Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel. Both of which will be going on my favourite books of 2022 list.

The HBO genre-defying “Barry” just wrapped its third season and who knew SNL alum Bill Hader was such a great writer/director? Hader plays a Barry, a hitman for hire who pursues and acting career in L.A. while trying and failing to avoid having his past (and present) catch up with him. Like “Breaking Bad” or any prestige drama with criminal protagonists, it’s a difficult line to walk between creating a compelling character and making the mistake of having the audience sympathize with him. “Barry” pulls it off.

Wilco are back with “Cruel Country,” a 21 track double album recorded live in studio and with a sound that harkens back to their earlier days as Uncle Tupelo. I can say I enjoy it while while enjoying a local craft beer while barbecuing.

Did I mention New Brunswick has great craft beers? Seriously, come on down sometime if that’s your thing.

One of my favourites, Foghorn, has a weekly trivia night where my brother and I are frequent champs. Golden Grover, named after the country road my own street intersects with, is my usual go to beer.

So what are you all up to?

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