Summer Update, 2019

Well, happy upcoming St. Jean Baptiste. Or is it summer solstice? According to some, if a music festival set for June 22 through 24 falls on those dates, it must be called the former, and not the latter. So they changed it. Seems like a minor thing but I suppose it would seem odd if a festival set around July 1st didn’t mention Canada Day. Or would anyone care? Such is language politics in this country. Less intense than in the past, but there is always a tempest in a teapot brewing somewhere.

Call the holiday what you like, but for us, next weekend, we’ll be bad Anglos by spending the holiday in deepest Ontario. And by deepest Ontario, I mean Ganonoque and Kingston for a tour around the Thousand Islands and a visit to the nephew’s house for a barbecue. The following weekend, my parents, sister, and brother in law are in town so we can see Through the Echoes at the Old Port.

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It’s a show organized by former Cirque du Soleil guy Guy Laliberté. I have no idea what it is but they promise a light show and, I dunno, a history of the universe. I keep thinking it’s going to be along the lines of one of those Pink Floyd laser light shows.

All this means we need to get our backyard patio finished before they get here. We have a postage stamp sized backyard that faces west with no shade, half of it set with concrete, the other half dirt. It was never a pleasant place to sit outside. I spent last weekend setting down paver slabs to create the thing and this week putting up a gazebo. This weekend, we’ll cover over all the mistakes I made with a carpet and potted plants.

Our intention with our little townhouse condo is to live there until retirement and then buy a small, two bedroom condo that is newly constructed, walking distance to the metro and requires absolutely no renovating whatsoever. When I think of our kitchen and the work and expense required, I cry a little bit.

Beyond that, things are as well as can be expected. I still enjoy the job and the freedom I have to work from home when required, or really, whenever it’s more convenient than taking the train downtown. It will be very convenient to work from home when my line shuts down for two years to build the new train. Alternate routes involve traveling halfway to down the line, getting bussed to a metro and hoofing it into the office, adding an hour each way. You can imagine why working from home is more optimal.


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Years and Years.

Russell T. Davies was good at writing believable human characters in fantastical situations when he was running Doctor Who.

Now he’s writing an HBO/BBC miniseries about a normal and very modern English family navigating the increasing brutal next ten years as a coarse, populist politician played by Emma Thompson rises to power in a post-Brexit, socially fragile U.K. It’s all very terrifying and very plausible as people simply become used to the changes as rights are stripped away and things like concentration camps are justified as simply a British invention from the Boer War.


Jade Bird

Fairly new artist on the scene. She has a nice, stripped down rock that I imagine will sound nice on terraces this summer.


CBC’s daily morning podcast that takes on a single news story for a detailed discussion has been a staple of my morning commute for months now.


I’d like to read more blogs, to be honest.

And how are you all?

By John

Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.

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