On Podcasts

So the new job gave me an iPhone for work. They gave me the choice of transferring over my current line to theirs but instead I decided to separate church and state and now I go around my work week with two phones like some kind of weirdo.

Because I now take the train, I’ve taken to listening to podcasts on the iPhone because Apple recently separated their podcasts from iTunes and I find it’s easier to find podcasts on the iPhone.  But also, I’m just coming back to podcasts now that I have a little time in the day to listen to them.

I’m not the most adventurous podcast listener as most of the ones I subscribe to are just the podcast versions of public radio shows like CBC’s The Current, Q, Spark, BBC 4’s In Our Time, and NPR’s On Being.

But I’ve discovered  a few new ones I like:

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson is a weekly live show on the topic of science and astronomy. It’s aimed at general audiences and usually has celebrity guests. It’s not going for a deep dive here but it’s a fun talk on big science topics.

Trumpcast is Slate’s almost daily report on the comings and goings of America’s 45th president until he resigns, gets impeached, dies while tweeting in the bathroom, or, I don’t know, goes on to serve two terms. They’re not fans.

Women at Warp is a Star Trek themed podcast from a feminist point of view and with the female-led Star Trek Discovery coming out, they’re bound to have brand new material to cover.

Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly, a podcast about the economy, technology, and culture. A recent favourite episode was “What We Talk About When We Talk About Jagoffs.”

CANADALAND (yes, all caps) This one I struggle with because, while I usually enjoy the topics, I don’t really know who this is for. Is it a general audience or is it for a closed circle of broadcasting and publishing professionals who want to hear what host Jesse Brown thinks of the job they did this week. I get my news from CBC Radio in the morning and I usually catch the TV news at night and read a bit of online news in English and French throughout the day but my schedule doesn’t really allow me to consume that much news. So it’s weird to think I would be that interested in media criticism and yet, I listen.

So that’s what I’m listening to. What are you listening to these days?

Also, here is some Nirvana played on the Gayageum, a 6th century Korean string instrument because you need that in your life.




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