Can Blogging Come Back?

The title does not, by any means, suggest everyone stopped blogging suddenly but on a personal level, and for many bloggers I used to follow, the habit started dying off about five years ago, perhaps longer.

Social media had a lot to do with it. Facebook allowed you to sit in a space with most of your friends, family, and co-workers and share things that you might have shared on a blog but were really too short to elaborate on. Twitter allowed you to share quick thoughts or links to things you thought were important or just amusing without having to write an entire blog post about it.

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But for me, I think it was when Google shut down their Reader, one of their best products. Opening up Reader first thing in the morning was a great way to get my fix of writing, find a conversation to be part of, and find content for my own blog, all in one place. When it died, part of my own blogging habit died with it. I tried the alternatives like feedly but it just isn’t the same. WordPress has its own Reader which is great for, well, WordPress blogs but, again, does not offer the same experience. Around that time there were other platforms like feedburner in addition to an explosion of blogging. When you have that kind of combination, it inspires your own writing.

Perhaps a lot of people also stopped blogging so much for the same reasons I did: life changes. You get married, you have kids, you buy a house, you’re focused on your job (or getting one, in my case) and the priority to write about that thing that interests you gets reduced.

But with Twitter having turned into a Cuisinart blender of Pepe frogs, angry eggs, and proud Neo-Nazis chasing away everyone who dares to suggest we act decently toward each other, and Facebook that place where I behave myself like my mother is watching (because she is), surely there is room for thoughtful, engaging writing on the web. The forums are still there, free for anyone to use. Maybe more of us will use them and we can have a slightly better internet.


3 thoughts on “Can Blogging Come Back?

  1. Amen. I still follow a number of blogs, semi-religiously…but it’s so much more work than it used to be. I use NetVibes as an aggregator, but it doesn’t hold a match to my old Bloglines feed reader. I haven’t brought myself to blog again as I did before…my life has changed so much. But a few of my old favourites seem to be coming back to the medium, so perhaps now is the time. I know that I experienced tangible excitement when I saw that you had come back to rejuvenate Shatnerian. I’m glad you’re back, even if it’s only while you wait for the next adventure.

  2. I think there’s space out for longer forms of writing, more thoughtful pieces. Twitter was great but who knew ten years ago it would effectively be ruined by the incoming President of the United States? And I see all these writers do threaded tweet storms and I just wish they would get a blog a write it out instead of this “1 of 24” stuff.

  3. I think facebook killed it for me. I used to blog and then I took it down when everyone joined facebook. There was no longer a need to connect with my little stories. And now again, I see a new need as FB gets watered down. Also my FB is taken over with politics. My friends now prefer my instagram and blog.

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