Advice from an Old



As a forty-five year old person, you wouldn’t believe the number of young people who come to me for career and financial advice. Or, as it happens, you may believe that number because that number is zero. But should anyone ask me if they should buy a condo, I will give them this advice:

As option for home buyers, condos have a lot to recommend them: they often cost less than a detached home, there is less maintenance, and they are often located conveniently close to public transport. For someone who doesn’t want or need a lot of space or is on a tight budget, they’re an ideal solution.

But, from my experience, before buying the condo, always ask if the condo administration is currently embroiled is some kind of bizarre, decade long civil war in which both sides are lead by Immortan Joe and there is no sign of Imperator Furiosa to save us. On Wednesday I went to the annual meeting, which some of the administrators said was illegal and against the Quebec Civil Code, but lawyers present said that, in fact, it was legal and there was a lot of yelling and stonewalling and I wish it would end. Stuff is getting done. We have a new roof in our unit but we also have a president who hasn’t really shown up for the job.

I know there’s always politics involved in any community organization like this but knowing this in advance would have made me reconsider my decision to move here.

The neighbours are nice, though.


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