August Catch-Up

It’s been since last December when I last updated this thing.


Much of the house is painted now and a new floating floor has been put in the TV room in the basement. The big jobs remaining are still putting in a whole new, less ugly kitchen and embiggening the bathroom. This will happen some day when we’re not broke.


I’m still in the I.T. department at the new job and have adopted a work style of “Keep doing it this way until my boss yells at me to stop.” This has happened a few times. But, by and large, the change has been good for me. My previous job often left me wondering what exactly my role was as more and more people were given input into my work and, to be honest, a conflict with my boss ended up not being too good for my mental health.


I am volunteering for my local Member of Parliament in the upcoming election. They were impressed that I’ve been a member of the NDP for, like, fifteen years, man! Apparently the Orange Wave of 2011 made a lot of new members. Last night I attended a debate watching party with my local Member of Parliament, which is a new thing. I’ve long been a member but never volunteered.

Partially, it’s just an excuse to get me out of the house once in a while.


I am working on a novel, the same novel I’ve been working on for years when, suddenly, I figured out what I wanted it to be about. It happened when I realized my favourite books were set in fictional versions of the author’s hometown for the purposes of satire. Then I realized, “Hey. I have a hometown…”

I also submitted some short stories and a comic book so I can officially say I’ve been rejected by, Asimov magazine, and Oni Press.


My son, soon to be seven (!) starts grade one this year. He also has a working diagnosis of autism, a confirmed diagnosis of dyspraxia, and possible ADD. This is what happens when, before having children, I scoffed at these middle-class parents who claimed their children had all these conditions. The diagnosis does help explain a lot and a proper assessment is pending. While he is very intelligent, he has difficulties at school. A diagnosis will help the school get more resources to help him out. It’s a been a big challenger but I’m learning a lot.


And, as of today, I’m on vacation. Other than some camping in Ontario and whale watching in New Brunswick, there won’t be a big trip this year because, again, money. But Barcelona is looking like a place to go next year.

So…what’s up with you?


One thought on “August Catch-Up

  1. Ah, I too have a kid that mocks all my previous parenting beliefs…. 😉

    My vacation this year involves moving into the new house we bought up on Keswick Ridge. The work still isn’t done, the place is a mess, but my God the view is incredible.

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