Because I Never Miss a Vote

I mentioned before that we are new homeowners who, owing to personal indecision and, well, financial considerations, waited until our forties to get on the property ladder.

We ended up buying a condominium townhouse in in the suburbs. It’s small but it suits us and I really don’t know what I’d do with a detached house even if I could afford one.

Today, I got a notice from our board that the annual general meeting is in two weeks. I noticed two things: One was repeated warnings about unruly behaviour. The other was the proposal for a vote allowing a property management company to come run the day to day operations. My kneejerk response to that is to vote against it because I’m concerned the company would simply want to find a way to make a profit off the condos. Given that I’m already paying a 13% increase in heating costs, as well as our share for the new roof that was apparently repaired poorly and now must be repaired again, in addition to the regular monthly condo fees, I’m concerned we’ll be finding new bills in our mailbox sooner or later.

In any case, I’ll be present at the annual general meeting just for the unruly behaviour.


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