And now we’re homeowners

We did it backwards and slowly:

Had a baby

Got married

Bought a house.

But we did it and while the place we live in is more or less identical to the one we were renting, it’s ours. Or it will be.

The move went as well as can be expected. We hired Bust-a-Move Moving solely on the name. They were the best moving experience I have had since moving to Montreal. I’d recommend them if you have a small space and not a detached house as their trucks are no longer than twenty feet. We had to leave some stuff behind to retrieve later. They were relatively cheap and fast, with the bill for six hours work coming out to about $1000 before tips. And I fed them lunch from Spanos Pizza which is really good pizza if you’re in the West Island area.

It’s exhausting moving with the knowledge that you still have so much to do on the house. I still need to finish painting the trim, fixing a few of my painting mistakes, before I even move on to painting the rooms. The basement will need work. There are stucco walls I’d like to remove and a gross carpet to replace. We’ll want a new kitchen, and bathrooms and probably even some doors. All of this will cost money and being brand new home owners, we officially have none. So it’ll all get done, bit by bit. I wonder if, someday, when someone comes to buy the house, they see our remodelled kitchen which we thought looked so contemporary, they’ll think, “Ugh. Backsplash.”

Anyway, the point of re-modelling your home should be because you like it and not what you think is going to sell. I think.

The neighbours seem nice. And they have two boys who’ll be attending school with James next year (in different grades, though). One neighbour tends to grunt at us rather than say hello. But I rarely seem him as he and his wife/girlfriend tend to keep odd hours.

D.D.O. in general is an odd place. Our direct neighbhourhood is pretty quiet while if you go down two streets in one direction, it gets a little sketchy and if you go two streets in another direction, it’s McMansions. But it’s a nice, diverse kind of place. We got our library cards last Sunday because that’s what we do when we move in instead of having house warming parties.

For the time being, we have a general “Do one thing tonight” approach when it comes to unpacking and making the house. Most of these measures are not permanent but will take us from a jumble of boxes to a functioning home.

Also, do you want a couch? It won’t fit downstairs.


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