Things we found in the house

On May 1st, we got our house. Having never bought a previously owned house before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when we entered the place that was now ours. I assumed the previous owners would clean out everything but we ended up with the following items:

  • A sideboard/wine rack with a cabinet to keep your martini supplies.The door to said cabinet was broken. The item weighs 8,000 pounds.
  • A side table in the same style as the sideboard that also weighs 8,000 pounds.
  • An espresso machine in the basement
  • A circular saw
  • A baby change table
  • A dresser that the previous owner has informed me will be picked up by her mother.
  • Two disassembled bed frames
  • A futon and frame

Most of this stuff was already put on Kijiji and will be taken away.

On top of that, we’ve got a ton of little jobs to do: A new door lock needs to be installed (we got the kind with the electronic keypad), a new door to the basement needs to be purchased, an outside patio light fixture needs to be installed, the rest of the house needs to be painted and the smoked cross over the lintel of the front door needs to be removed (they were Greek Orthodox and it was Easter).

I feel guilty about that last part. I’m not particularly faithful (you’ve read my boring posts on that subject, I’m sure) but somehow I feel it’s bad juju to remove religious iconography where you find it. Some of the houses we looked at had mezuzahs on the doorways and I’d feel bad about removing those as well.

Larger jobs include renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, cleaning and capping the chimey and adding a natural gas insert, and putting down new flooring in the basement and upstairs. I think time, money, and inclination would see that one of these projects will be done each year. There’s a lot more than that but generally, a lot of it stems from the fact that the previous owners didn’t put a lot of work in their house and it shows.

Generally, I’m a lazy sod when it comes to home improvements, painting, cleaning, fixing things, and generally being a responsible habitat dweller. I’m not a regular buyer of lotto tickets but my lotto dream has always been to have enough money to hire skilled professionals to do all the stuff I don’t want to do. The other is involves a comic book room.

But now that I own all this stuff, there is more of an impetus to take care of it. Someday, we’ll want to sell this place and you want to ensure it’s in good shape but at the same time, you want to create a home that’s yours.


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