On the Pending Homeownership

One week from tomorrow, we’ll own a house. Well, our fruit-based financial provider will but you get the idea.

This morning, I dropped a fairly substantial amount of money in the form of a down payment, notary fees, and taxes at the notary’s office before heading to work. The next meeting is May 1st when we get the keys.

This morning, as I left the office, my nervousness over this milestone in our lives together turned to elation. As I often do during life’s milestones, I looked for a song to connect to this moment so that I would remember it forever.

I tuned into Mike-FM, and this is what I got.

Songza’s 80s Dance Party in Canada is my favourite playlist so I’m not exactly adverse to a little Luba in my life. It reminded me, however, of that scene in Jerry Maguire. I guess you can’t pick your life’s soundtrack all the time.

I turned up the radio and sang along.


2 thoughts on “On the Pending Homeownership

  1. May the mighty gods Spic and Span shine upon your endeavor. Home ownership, as I’ve discovered suddenly changes you from someone whose biggest problem of the week is whether to go to a concert or a film, to someone who wakes up at 3 AM because they heard a creak, and lies there wondering if that’s the first sign that the roof is caving in. But on the big balance sheet there’s a lot more moments of joy than of tears and hair-pulling, but there are definitely meltdowns. And I know a really fine handyman…

    1. Thanks. It’s a big adventure, for sure but I have a feeling I’ll be learning how to fix stuff for the next ten years. But yeah, I’m sure I’ll be calling on a handyman or two.

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