A Different Kind of Blue


Rhythmic Blue!

I thought I should let you all know that, because of a sale on Behr paint yesterday, we purchased the paint we’ll be needing to do the new house next month. Last month, I mentioned wanting to do the house in Yarmouth Blue but because that’s a Benjamin Moore brand and Behr was on sale, we got a relatively close approximation called Rhythmic Blue (with Steam White for the trim). It’s important that you are kept abreast of these colour changes.

We’re not particularly “on trend” when it comes to interior design. We just wanted something bright and cheerful for the majority of the house. That decision was as much in reaction against the paint colours that were already there as it was with regards whatever style we think we like. But then, we tend to make these types of decisions quickly anyway, rather than agonize over colours. I looked at a couple of dozen different iterations of blue and, in the end I basically decided I like lighter shades of blue compared to darker one because we have dark floors and dark furniture so the contrast would be nice.

We’ll have other rooms to paint, including the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the front hall, and the basement/tv room that currently has half the walls done with stucco.

I understand if these posts are a bit dull but other than my new job, this is literally all I am doing these days.


4 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Blue

  1. That is a really nice shade of blue though. We take way too long to pick colors. Or even varying shades of a particular color.

    • Oh, I know. I think the decision should come down to “I want [x] amount of this colour on my wall. That shade is too much. That shade is not enough. That shade is just right.” But other people have a great deal of fun with this and that’s great. But I just wanted something easy for my neutrals. If we hate, well we can always repaint it in a couple of years.

      Is is a nice shade, isn’t it?

      • I’m thinking of stealing it. 😀 Kinda Robin Egg blue but not quite, you know?

        Also – I have been known to paint a room deep red or bright yellow on occasion. It depends.

        And yeah, it;s just paint. Train the kid right and he can do it. 😉 (last house kid #3 painted like 3 rooms on her own)

  2. I’m trying to imagine my five year old painting his room.

    *paints strip of green on the wall*
    *drops brush on the floor*
    *gets bored*
    *plays with Legos*
    *paints floor*
    *takes brush with him to bed, has a nap*

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