And then all those plans you make change…

Hey remember when I said I was going to take a stab at running again? Well, things are gonna be a little busy for the next little while so I’m not sure I’m going to have the spare to devote to taking up a new activity.

You see, last year was a big spending and traveling year with the trips to Florida and the United Kingdom as well as the purchase of a new-to-us car. I said that in 2014, we’re going to take it easy on ourselves and stay away from any big purchases.

So…uh…we kind of went and bought a house. 

We had been unofficially looking for ages and knew where we wanted to be/could afford but never made the jump because we always thought we were going to leave Montreal for the Maritimes to be closer to my family. However, last year I got a new job which acted a kind of a new start for me so we made the decision that we’re putting down roots here, at least until my retirement. Maybe.

We had a few things we wanted to find in a house:

  • West Island with no option to ever leave the island of Montreal
  • Access to public transit
  • Access to schools, shopping, services
  • A condo to help keep the pain of constant upkeep at bay
  • An asking price that would not make us cry

We found these things in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, a neighbourhood we’ve always sort of knew we’d buy in.

The process was actually very quick for us because we knew exactly what we wanted. We spent very little time looking at houses and in the end, chose an end-unit townhouse close to Sources. We move in May.

It’s a nice neighbourhood. Walking distance to Centennial Park, the Library, the Marché de l’Ouest, Five Guys, Adonis, a synagogue, and a Sikh and Hindu temple. And I think one of two of the last Cote-St-Luc BBQ chicken joints in Montreal.

Of course, our timing is never good. Yesterday, on CBC’s Radio Noon, host Monique Lacombe discussed the slowing of the Montreal housing market. There was some speculation that it had something to do the election, which was called one week after our offer was accepted. I don’t think it’s entirely election related but the uncertainty surrounding the possibility another referendum probably don’t help. I think it’s more likely a market correction but really, what do I know? 

I suppose if the prices were going to drop further, we could have waited but I’m 42. How much longer can I wait to buy property? I don’t want to be paying for a house when I’m 70.

Making a commitment to a 25 year mortgage is a statement of optimism that, in the long run, things are going to be ok and if they’re not, well, we’ll muddle through as we always do.


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