Ten Years of On and Offline Life

Around this time, ten eleven years ago, I packed up my recently purchased Corolla, left a crappy apartment (with a crappy landlord to match), on Douglas Avenue in Saint John, NB and drove to Montreal to begin a new job and a new relationship. 

I remember approaching Montreal from the 20, marveling at the skyline rising over the ice mist coming off the St. Lawrence and missing the exit for the Champlain Bridge not once, not twice, but thrice. 

I was on a special contract for work at the time which meant I could have been sent back to NB to my old job whenever they liked. But I stuck it out and the contract became a permanent job which led to a promotion to a new job where I’ve stayed put for the past eight years. This month, I’m moving to the I.T. department where I’ll finally be putting my English degree to good … use? I guess? 

And, in case you’re keeping track, the relationship turned out pretty well, too, seeing as we got married and have a lovely little boy.

So all in all, I’m pretty damn happy with how the last ten years have turned out.

My blogging is a little older than ten years. In 2002, I originally had a blog called “John from Saint John” on Blogspot. I wanted a blog title that reflected one of Montreal’s famous sons and that dovetailed nicely with my love of Star Trek so I called it “Shatnerian.” I moved over to WordPress in 2006 and Shatnerian is now the #2 Google result for the search term “shatnerian.” Damn you, Urban Dictionary!

I’ve been using that username on other social media sites like Tumblr and Reddit (I’m fairly new to Reddit though and I haven’t figured out how to get something out of it). It’s funny that Facebook and all those other social media sites were still at least a couple of years off ten years ago. All I had was the blog. Now our internet presence tends to spread out over our preferred sites. For me, this blog is for the long winded posts. Tumblr is mainly for the nerd stuff I like. Twitter’s for cracking jokes and getting breaking news. Facebook is how I behave when my mother is in the room because she literally reads everything I post. You probably uses these sites differently, if at all.

Google+ is for when I run out of other places to post things to. I kid. I like G+ but I think I need to reorganize my circles.

I wonder what the next thing will be and what this blog will look like when I’m 52?


Edited because I’ve been longer than I thought.


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