Resolutions for 2014

Naw, I’m not going to lose weight. Who am I kidding? The office gym is too crowded anyway. Maybe I’ll walk more or something.

But I’ve been thinking about making some changes in 2014 to make life a smidge more pleasant.

So here is My List of 2014 Goals Which are Achievable with Minimal Effort But in Which I Will Still Be Fat:

  • Write more. I am going to write a novel? No. Probably not. But I can write more and hopefully in publications other than this blog. I have before. I even got paid for it. Why not do it again?
  • Get to New Brunswick more often. I don’t see my family as much as I’d like and last year was a big travel year for us. I expect 2014 will be much less so but it’s not so hard to get there. We’re already planning to be there for March Break.
  • Get to Toronto again. We have lot of friends we haven’t seen in ages so we really should plan this out.
  • Ok, mmmmaybe see someplace new. Funds permitting.
  • Actually learn rhythm on the guitar. It’s been more than ten years and I’ve never really progressed beyond three chords and can barely get my way through a song. It’s time move on to another level.
  • Go to YouTube and leave a positive comment. I’ve been subscribing to a number of YouTube channels lately and I’m always dismayed by the pure hate that arrives in the comments for the most innocuous videos. So why not find one you like and say, “Hey, nice job!”

(Of course that leads one to the question of why comments sections exist in the first place)



2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2014

  1. One of my big resolutions is to reconnect with many of the friends/acquaintances that I’ve made in my life. Social media has reconnected me with so many people that I used to know, that it would be a waste to just leave it at that.

    But I’m still gonna try to lose weight. I binged during the holidaze with it in mind that I would enter purge after the new year. Really it is not about the weight, but about health and longevity. But it would still be fun to be thinner.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

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