Welcome to the Working Week

Hey remember that time I cribbed Tina Fey in a job interview? Well, it lead to a second interview which I think went pretty well.
From what I’ve heard, it’s looking positive.

I think 2013, which all in all, has been a pretty good year, would close out nicely if it meant leaving the job I’ve held for eight years and moving into a new, IT-ish job.


I interviewed recently for a job in Montreal (although I’m also looking in Saint John). Toward the end of the interview, they asked me, "What makes a good manager?"

Without missing a beat, I answered, "Someone who hires talented people and then gets out of their way."

I lifted that directly from Tina Fey’s memoir, "Bossypants." I’m not ashamed.

I continued, quoting Jason Fried, "If you ask a lot of professionals, they’ll tell you the biggest impediments to their productivity are managers and meetings. I can’t tell you how much I miss getting stuff done because I’m in a two hour meeting or I’m twisting my work in knots to accommodate someone’s ‘input’. The best manager I ever had was the one I hardly saw and I did tons of good work then."

I’ve been thinking a lot about office culture and productivity and every time I do…

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