When Your Kid Isn’t Into Narrative Fiction

The thing about parenting is that your efforts to mold and guide their tastes isn’t always going to take. As much as I’d love an (almost) four year old Star Trek loving, comics reading nerd in training, he’s going to be his own person.

As much as he likes stories in books and movies, he likes things that represent every day life: trains, trucks, construction equipment, firetrucks. He asks us to make up a story about things that actually happened. It’s like he actually resists narrative fiction or something. There are exceptions, of course. He likes the movie Up. But then, the heartbreaking montage of Karl and Ellie Fredericksen is followed by a sequence involving the construction of condo towers. Maybe that’s the hook for him.

Having, you know, never raised a kid from birth, I’m not sure if this is normal. It probably is. I don’t remember what I was into when I was three. It may have involved Fisher-Price cars. At his age, perhaps complex imaginary play (a phrase I just stole from here) is just a thing that happens later. Right now, he just has little interest in the fantastic.

Although he has started to recreate train crashes on his train table. So … milestone? Or warning sign?

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4 thoughts on “When Your Kid Isn’t Into Narrative Fiction

  1. I’m glad you wrote this. I was beginning to wonder about our kid, too, who is at this second watching the 1990s firefighter infomercial for the kazillionth time. I think our kids would get along. Damn the miles!

    1. Said infomercial is not “Lots and Lots of Firetrucks” by any chance?

      Kerry and I need to make a trip to the Prairies so our children can compare component parts of a steam locomotive while Trevor and I wonder when we’ll get to introduce them to the subtle beauty of Christopher Reeve’s performance as Superman.

    1. It all sounds good! I’m game! The infomercial is All About Big Red Firetrucks or something. We are currently watching Fireman Sam, which I like because it is Welsh like my grandma.

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