So I know this guy. He’s a bit posh. Rather full of himself. Lives nearby.

He used to have a blog until about five years and now he’s back with a few words on the Quebec election.

He’s also a little bit obsessed with Conrad Black.

He asked if my immense readership might care to take a peak at his writings so, well, I can do that for him at least but frankly, I can’t stand the guy.

An Upper Class Twit in the Colonies

Oh, dear. Look at the time. Has it really been … oh, Heavens. Five years? Oh, that is a long time between posts. Time flies when one is moving, getting married, producing progeny, and experimenting with meth.

Well, to be honest with you, it’s not that I haven’t felt the urge to write. It’s rather that I couldn’t as I was serving as a guest of the American correctional system. They wouldn’t allow me to upgrade my laptop to an iPad, the WiFi was pitiful, and the prison café forced me to keep buying lattés to use their connection. They even seized my blog and wouldn’t give me the password.

But as they say, a tragedy shared is a tragedy eased and I was very much eased by the thought that my friend, mentor, bromantic partner, and spirit guide Lord Black of Crossharbour was also suffering the injustice of being…

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