On Migraines

They started shortly after I moved to Montreal. I never had them before and I’m not sure what triggered the first. At the time, I didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t see for about 30 minutes and then spent the rest of the day in agony. Maybe it was simply a fact of getting older. Maybe it was the increased stress of a new job. Maybe it was the diet.

The problem with migraines is there has never been a satisfactory explanation as to their cause or what triggers them. Everything from light sensitivity to caffeine to sugar to bananas are considered triggers but nobody really knows.

But it seems to me that they occur when we’ve had a stretch of sunny, hot weather, when I’ve had more than two cups of coffee and when I’ve eaten a lot of sugar-laden treats. I should really stop ignoring the warning signs. Yesterday, I had all three and I had to pass off a bit of work to a colleague so I could go home. I felt pretty bad about this. The thing with some migraines is that, even with the prescription for Relpax that I use when I get them, they’re so debilitating that I miss work and time with my family.

So because it’s just healthier overall anyway, I’m going to cut the coffee down to one cup per day with an eventual goal of eliminating it completely. I also want cut way back on the refined sugar which is tough. I’m a sweets guy. I love chocolate bars, cakes, chocolate milk. But I need to remember that this stuff is making me feel awful. I can’t stop them entirely but hopefully with an improved diet, I can reduce their frequency.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to get my ass off the couch once in a while either.


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