More Conversations with the Youngling

Him: What’s a tornado? [Note: This question is asked every day].

Me: It’s when the wind swirls around and around and makes a big funnel and wrecks everything. You have a picture of one your book.

Him: THEY MAKE ME CRY! [pause] When I grow up I want to drive a dump truck with Mummy and [points finger] you!

Him: Xavier speaks French. He calls trucks “cars.” THAT’S CRAZY!

Me: Well, you don’t say all your words right, either. What’s “firetruck” in French?

Him: Camion Pompier. Camion Pom-FEET! Firetrucks don’t have feet. THAT’S CRAZY!

Him: I want to go to Fundomundo with [cousins] Molly and Lilly and Sam and I want to take the city bus and I want to sit beside Molly and I want to go the Biodome with Sam and Molly and Lilly and Tante Nancy and Uncle Nelson and you and Mummy. That would be nice. [repeat 18 more times]

Him: I want a forklift/dump truck/excavator. [repeat 18 times per day]

Yeah, that’s my life these days.




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