An Update of Sorts

It came to me just now that in two months, we’ll be officially married and as the day approaches, the list of things we’ve not done gets longer and longer.

I need to:

  • Buy a suit, shirt with French cuffs, and a new pair of shoes
  • Find tables and chairs (it’s an outdoor barbecue in which a wedding happens to take place).
  • Find a photographer or someone willing to take a few official photos
  • Send out invitations
  • Get the marriage license.
  • Make sure our rings fit
  • Complete the Youngling’s outfit. He needs a shirt and shoes, basically
  • Write some vows
  • Get a gift for Kerry
  • Find the magical ATM that distributes money without requiring a card or PIN.

It doesn’t help that I’m swamped with work and by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is plan things and make decisions. But the wedding will happen as five years is long enough for an engagement.

The Youngling has decided that when he grows up, he wants to driver an excavator, while his parents will drive a bulldozer and dump truck. After 15 years of sitting at a desk, that sounds quite nice, actually. This is part of his overall obsession with trucks, trains, and boats. It’s occurred to me that the things he loves are every day things he sees in his neighbourhood and not fantasy or science fiction, despite my best attempts to turn him into a nerd. Guess I’ll have to go see Prometheus myself.

He’s also been having nightmares. At first I thought there was some kind of stress in his life but he’s just not sleeping well as his pillow is too big so we swapped it for a smaller one.

At daycare, his teacher was talking about farm animals when she came to the subject of pigs.

"And pigs," she said. "Just roll around in the mud!"

"No," he said, very quietly and very seriously. "They give us bacon."


3 thoughts on “An Update of Sorts

  1. What a sweet (and knowledgeable) child. 🙂

    Also – driving a bulldozer still involves sitting in a chair. Except your chair & desk are moving…

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