Did I Mention That I Turned 40 Recently?

Actually, I did mention it in passing. So four months ago, I turned 40 which was marked by a brief trip to Toronto to experience Heatmageddon and the Toronto Zoo. I didn’t go out for a big bash, which is just as well as I fall asleep after two beers these days.

It’s supposed to be a big turning point, hitting that mid-life spot. But I ended up arranging our vacation around it so that I wouldn’t be bothered about feeling I needed to do something for my birthday. The only thing I did do for my birthday was take up running so I could do the Terry Fox Run. I haven’t run since then but I’m hoping to get back into it. Not because I enjoy it. Sometimes I do but mostly I still thinking running is awful. But it gets me the results I want.

So it wasn’t any great shock when I woke up at 40. I think I turned that corner a while ago and all things considered, I prefer middle-age any earlier age I’ve experienced. I like being at the top of my earning power (which ain’t much but still…) more than being broke all the time. I like being comfortable with my tastes in entertainment without worrying if someone writing for The Guardian might disapprove. I like being comfortable in my skin instead of being insecure and self-absorbed.

Some things have changed. I became a member of a certain political party. I flirted with hitching my wagon to the Unitarians. And Kerry and I agree that our new local United Church seems like a nice place and we’d probably attend if, as she puts it, "it weren’t for all the God stuff." And now we spend our Sundays at the local library. And we’re planning a small wedding next July to finally finish that task we meant to complete in 2008.

So to sum up: 40 > 20.


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