In Which I Update You All On Our Parenting Abilities

First off, the diapers are off (in the daytime)! Repeat: the diapers are off (in the daytime)! Does this mean no accidents? Well, no. He still has those. Let’s say he goes through a lot of sweat pants.

Also, latest obsession: Teletubbies. I thought it was weird when he came home one day demanding to see Tinky Winky on the computer (we watch a lot of YouTube). Yes, he has a favourite. Make of that what you will. Don’t worry. I’m very pro-Tinky Winky. But it was odd as he’s never really seen the show at our house. We don’t have Treehouse or any other channel that it might have been on. As far as I know. it’s off the air in Canada. It turns out that he saw it at the new daycare. They have a small TV and apparently they watch it for about 20 minutes or so while the teachers clean up after lunch. I wasn’t aware that they had a TV when we signed him and I’m not entirely sure I approve but he’s having a great time at the new place so I’m not going to grumble too loudly about it.

The problem this now poses is how do we find Teletubbies videos for him. I can’t find it in our TV channel line-up and YouTube doesn’t carry a lot of it, unless it’s in (I think) Swedish. He doesn’t seem to mind. A visit to the DVD section may be in order.

It did however present the first time that he developed in an interest in something discovered outside the home. Now that he’s three, he’s beginning to pick and choose what he likes. Nerd that I am, I’ve tried to introduce him to comics and science fiction but he just has no interest. What he likes are trains, construction vehicles, the story of Chicken Licken, and whatever TVO or PBS Kids is running.

He’s also developing a sense of his national identity. He knows Earth is our planet, Quebec is our province, and Canada is our country. He thinks of the Montreal Canadiens and their CH as “hockey” and when he sees a maple leaf, he says “That is Canada. We live there.”

While reading The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier one night, he pointed at the Habs’ logo and said, “We don’t live in hockey.” He then pointed at young Roch’s disappointing Maple Leafs sweater:

“We live there!”

I quietly wept for hours after that.


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