Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a lot of my friends on Facebook taking up running. I see a lot of updates of their morning runs as recorded by their iPhone aps. My sister does the odd marathon and some of my friends have even done triathlons. I’d read all this in awe of their persistence as I wiped the Doritos crumbs off the keyboard.

Joan Rivers once said of jogging, "When I see someone smiling, I’ll consider it." That was my motto for years. For me, exercise is, at best, a bore but a necessary one if you want to be in better health. I’ve been losing a tiny bit of weight as I go to my office gym at lunch and use the elliptical while listening to this and I just generally zone out. But running? That is just torture.

Then, as age forty began to creep up on me (I turned that corner a month ago), I began to wonder if there was something more I could be doing. So I began to look into running. I read up on a programme called Couch 2 5k. It uses interval training to ease you into running. I decided that was it and set it as a challenge. The ability to run 5 kilometres will be my fortieth birthday present to myself. Because it’s cheaper than a sports car.

I’m on week six right now and it’s not so bad. There have been times when the pain it creates in my shins has been almost too much to bear. There were times when my shoes felt like concrete. But I sought advice, adjusted and slowed down my stride, and now I can push through it. Descended as I am from stout little Danish fishermen, I have short legs and carry a fair bit of extra weight so I’m not exactly built for speed. I’m taking it very easy on myself, allowing my run-like shuffling to slowly build into a run and it’s working.

In three weeks, I should be able to run 5k without stopping and I’m hoping this will become my early morning routine.

I’ve also decided, now that I’m not a total couch potato, to do the Terry Fox Run if you’d *ahem* care to pledge me. I’ve also mentioned this on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + (did I mention I’m on Google +? No? I’m on Google +) but this is my blog and I’ll harass you for pledges if I want to.

My main reasons for doing the run are family-related but it’s also just to force myself to put myself out there, set a goal, and go about achieving it. Kind of a novel concept for me.


3 thoughts on “Run

  1. On week 2 of my couch to 5K program. Started in May (after my 41st birthday), but then family health issues got in the way and I started back again this week. I figure so many people have taken up running because they have kids. It’s the only thing I can regularly fit into my schedule, walk the dog while I’m doing it and get some alone me time/thinking time (not to mention the health benefits, which is why I started running). Being able to kill 3 birds with one stone is a major benefit as a parent. I figure I’ll keep running at least until L can play alone longer than 15 minutes, or until he starts going to friends houses (without me!) for play dates.

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