The Family Car

No, I did not buy a Dodge Caravan. Besides being out of my budget, I, like the family in the commercial, have ONE KID. Who needs that much car to cart one entitled kid who apparently needs TWO TV screens to keep herself entertained?

We’re still rolling in the 2003 Corolla which recently treated itself to a $1,500 brake job. The new car will likely be smaller than that. The list includes a Yaris or Ford Fiesta. I do understand that when you start a family, you need to evaluate how you’re going to cart everyone around and sometimes an SUV or Minivan just fits the bill. We just don’t need that much car ourselves but I’m not anti-Minivan or anything. I just think sometimes people get more car than they need. Some people don’t need any car. I know a couple in NDG whose family vehicle is one of these cool bikes from Denmark.

I do admit, I love the Toyota Highlander. But I fear if I ever got one, my kid would turn into an asshole.

Seriously, Dad? You’re gonna let your kid behave this way? I’m calling child protection services.


2 thoughts on “The Family Car


    Plus, it’s strange how the sandwich kid he rejects looks a LOT like dad.

    • Oh, I know. Why did Toyota think creating an ad campaign (there are more like these) showcasing the Highlander as a vehicle ideal for the tiny asshole in your life.

      Also, if my house is on the school bus route, you’d better believe my kid’s taking the bus. Daddy’s got to get to work, yo. I’m not paying $600 a month in car payments so my kid can create his circle of exclusion.

      It’s actually got me so worked up that I’m writing a post in which I write of my anxiety that I’ll inadvertently raise a kid that.

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