More Religious Ponderings

Remember when I was going on about the latest news in my old church? Yeah, I know. I’ve been a non-believer for twenty some odd years and yet anytime my old church is mentioned in the news, I’m all over it.

Turns out I’m not the only one. The National Post published a rather sneering little article on Saturday about what the writer sees as a growing split within the United Church. Of course, the United Church has been debating with itself for decades, but according to the Post, this is a rather new thing. But check out the comments.

When did the UCC become the latest target of conservative rage? Was it the same time Statistics Canada was preparing the latest mandatory long form census?

When I was a kid, I played Joseph in the Christmas nativity play by wearing a bathrobe and sporting a tea towel on my head, all in the name of showing how pleased we were that our saviour has come. What I didn’t know was that my Tory parents were actually indoctrinating me into radical leftist politics.


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