Welcome to 2011

Sweet mother of God! I got a firetruck for Christmas!

And so our holidays are ended. We got an extended stay in New Brunswick so we managed not only to see our family for more than five minutes but met up with some friends as well. The weather managed to not be horrible, despite the flooding and the coastline apparently tumbling into the Bay of Fundy because of massive storms. A previous attempt to get home was scuttled by a hurricane. We made merry.

I’m enjoying my new slippers and Super Mario Brothers. And Kerry loves her slippers and her necklace. And as you can see, James loves his firetruck and various other vehicles. We tend to keep Christmas low-key as far as the presents go and I hope to keep it that way. This “we gotta outdo last year” attitude is … depressing. Gifts are nice but it’s just stuff. I do realize that someday, he’ll have a list.

James spoke his first full sentence: “Gussie’s eating Mummy’s scarf!” (Gus is my parents’ dog). He’s developing by leaps and bounds, parroting everything we say to him or anything he hears on CBC. He also loves to sing. He’s two, of course, so that means tantrums which are beginning to increase and therefore so are the “time outs” which I now realize are isn’t so much a punishment but a chance for him (and me) to take a breath. So far they work. You can imagine how fun that is in a departure lounge. Most of the time, though, he’s a just a nice kid who’s in a nice hugging stage right now.

Because I have a toddler now, it means that I’m four days late in wishing all my readers (all ten of you) the best in 2011.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2011

  1. Happy New Year to you and the family!

    We’ve figured out that we only need to get one good present per year since the relatives tend to be quite generous. Though I haven’t gotten the impression that the kids are keeping track of the amount of toys, just that they get a few interesting ones.

    • I think I’m going to use this as a guideline for all Christmases to come:

      It’s probably not a coincidence that her accent is remarkably similar to my late grandmother’s either.

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