And So le Gastro Comes to Our House

When one of the parents works at a children’s hospital, we are reminded every day how lucky we are to have a child who’s never had a serious health issue of any kind since he was born. He’s had colds, pink eye, and the odd fever but nothing too serious. Just this morning, his mother was telling a co-worker that he has never so much as thrown up in his entire life.

So of course, as she was saying this, he was at day care, throwing up.

Our son has, as we call it in Montreal, “le gastro“. Or so we think.

So he’s home with his mother, having an easy day with all the juice and Dora he could ask for. Apparently, this bug is going around and is a little nasty. I might wager, however, that his is fairly mild. His fever went down as soon as he took some Tempra and, as far as I know, he hasn’t thrown up since this morning. And for a sick kid, he seems in pretty good spirits. Hopefully by tomorrow this will pass and he’ll be back to his old self.

Well, he’d better get well because we’re hosting another one of our President’s Choice catered Christmas parties on Saturday night and it would be terribly rude of him to make us go and cancel.


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