On your second birthday


Dear James

This is how you keep me busy these days. I was supposed to write this last week so it would be published on your birthday, like I did last year.

This year you learned to walk, then run, on your own. The biggest change is that you started day care in May. You cried a lot when I dropped you off for the first two weeks. Now you’re thriving there. I’m glad because you don’t often get to spend time with kids your age. Maybe it’s our neighbourhood but kids don’t seem to automatically get lumped in with the other kids on their street, like I was when I was a kid.

But now you’re with all kinds of kids your age and you’re learning tonnes. The words are coming fast and furious. Half of them are in French, which is great. You love your books, your trains, fish, dogs, birds, your cousins, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, and CBC Kids. You were an adventurous eater at first but not so much now. I was impressed when you powered through that lamb korma last week, though.

You’re a good traveler. You’ve been on a plane more times that I can remember which came in handy when we took you to Washington, DC to see the pandas at the National Zoo last month. I read somewhere that lifelong memories start to form at this age so I’m hoping that will be a good one.

I think, however, it’s fair to say that now, your favourite word is “no”. Let’s see that how that develops.

Welcome to Year Three.


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