Today, the wee lad started daycare. It’s not as emotional as I thought it would be.

Yesterday at church (that still feels strange writing that), I mentioned this to another father who has a son a little older than James. He asked me what kind of daycare it was.

Not quite understanding the question, and as usual, not one to press for clarification, I answered, “Um, a private one? It’s a new place near my office in Ville St-Laurent.”

We spoke some more on the topic and he gave me some friendly advice about being patient with new daycares as they’ll spend some months working out the bugs.

It wasn’t until the drive on the way home that I realized that, when he asked “what kind?”, as his own child goes to such a place, he may have meant “Waldorf or Montessori?”

And then I felt inadequate for not sending my kid to a daycare with a declared educational philosophy.

3 thoughts on “Daycare

  1. From my experience with our girls, their reaction really depends on their character. Our older was very clingy and crying probably up until 4 or 5 years old. The younger got over it earlier (maybe partly because her sister was there) and tended to be clingy only after long weekends or vacations. But she also tends to be less emotional and dramatic.

    They recommend that you just drop them off, say goodbye, and leave avoiding a long drawn out affair. The daycare workers at our place said that they calm down quicker and get acclimated faster. It’s heart-wrenching to do, but if it’s better for them.

    • We were feeling pretty confident when he spent the weekend with his grandparents with little fuss. But then I made the mistake this lingering before I left this morning and he cried like I’ve never heard before. He’s generally a happy kid. So of course, that’s the image I’m left with all day at work and I feel like a horrible dad for leaving him there.

      He also could be crying because of his teacher’s awful smelling perfume which one might think would be frowned upon in a daycare.

      • I’ve had it happen a few times where I’ve had to pop back in a couple minutes after leaving. They’ve always stopped crying since the daycare workers are good at distracting them. After that I was never worried about the crying.

        They always seem to have this inertia. They don’t want to leave you in the morning, then they don’t want to leave the daycare in the evening.

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