Late Adopter

My current TV is a 27″ JVC that I bought for about $300 five years ago. I haven’t yet purchased an HDTV because my current model shows no sign of wearing down. Besides, it’s in colour and everything. Putting David Caruso in HD doesn’t improve his acting at all.

I’ve always been a late adopter. It was years before I bought an iPod (a third generation nano which was destroyed when it went through the wash and it hasn’t been replaced since). Over the weekend, I bought a CD holder for my car visor. I used to have an iPod tuner but it never worked right. Besides, too much fiddling while driving is probably not safe. I do want an iPod (or a Zune for that matter, I’m not that brand loyal) because it’ll help cut down on office distractions. I was also late to Twitter, Facebook, Wii, WiFi, laptops, DVD players, and blogs.

Now there is 3DTV which requires a new $3700 TV as well as $250 glasses. I also think that the glasses would be enough to put someone off. But I’m sure it’ll be a big hit soon enough. Given that I haven’t upgraded my TV yet, I doubt this is something I’ll be buying in the near future.

I’d like to say my reluctance to upgrade all my technology is some kind of principled stand against rampant consumerism but, really, it’s that I just don’t have the discretionary income necessary to support the lifestyle as my pittance of an income forces me to scrape by, week after week, struggling to feed my family as I toil in the salt mines am just far too cheap.


One thought on “Late Adopter

  1. I’m in the same boat. We have a 22″ TV that we inherited from my father a dozen years ago. We were going to replace it early this year, but our finances are taking a hit. For the 3D TV, I’ll wait for some tech hungry aquaintance to get one so I can come over, be impressed, and boost their ego.

    I still don’t have an Ipod. We got some mp3 players a few months ago, but it seems such a hassle to load it up with the songs we want. Or rather it just doesn’t seem like I have the time. I was slow on the CD and DVD fronts also. No way I’m jumping on the BlueRay bandwagon because I’m not paying for the same movie a third time.

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