Big Love Season Finale

*Obligatory Spoiler Warning*

I think the show hit its low point when, over the course of an exotic bird smuggling scam in Mexico that had gone awry, Lois chopped off Hollis Greene’s arm with a machete. Well, I was concerned that the show had drawn far too many plotlines over the course of the season, and it seems those fears were born out.

What was the point of all that business in Mexico? And Juniper Creek has an advanced IVF clinic that nobody knew about? And why would they bring Sissy Spacek on board, only to have her serve as an ineffective foil for Bill? The Hell?

Still, the finale did attempt, in a rushed and clumsy way, to tie up these loose ends and start with one big plotline for the fifth season: Bill is now a state senator and has publicly announced that he is a polygamist by introducing his three wives at his victory speech. How he’ll manage to keep his job, his businesses, and his storefront church after this will likely take up much of the fifth season. And there is the little matter of Bill’s child with Ana, the Serbian waitress who was briefly his fourth wife. Oh, and Margene might be getting a little action on the side with Ana’s boyfriend Goran (and maybe Ana?) so the group relationships will certainly keep on keeping on.

So the potential is there for a return to form for what I think is the most compelling show on TV. It’s just that I think it might be best if everyone involved just forget most of what happened in Season Four.


3 thoughts on “Big Love Season Finale

  1. Agreed. I was riveted for the final episode, there were a few good moments, like Barb and Bill’s moment of truthfulness. But most of Season 4 was just confusing and farcical. I did not like the whole bird scam. I did not like that their home life seemed to be back burner this season. What about all of those kids? Who took care of them while Barb was at the Casino, Margie was at the HSN (or whatever) and Nicki was running off to Juniper Creek every second episode?

    • Thanks for that. No wonder Sarah and the boyfriend ditched Salt Lake for Portland.

      Nice to know to I wasn’t the only one who struggled with the season. I do think the show has set itself for a great fifth season if the stay focused on the core family and the culture in which they live. This has always been the most fascinating aspect to me. I have no real experience with that kind of religious conservatism and the breakaway-sects-within-breakaway-sects of fringe faiths. In a lot of ways, the show says a lot about that side of American culture. I recall this season when Sarah told her mother she was considering getting married in the United Church of Christ, Barb muttered, “But aren’t they kind of … progressive?”

      Because this season was so concerned with these weird subplots, I missed just hanging out in this odd little world they live in.

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