In the Lost Alternate, Alternate Timeline

Lost’s Michael Emmerson, aka Ben Linus, in a 1992 Department of Corrections training video. I have the sound down at work so I can’t hear all of the dialogue but I imagine it goes something like this:

“Higgins, you’re just doing to have to trust me. If you don’t calm down and cease destroying your quarters, all your friends are going to die. But that doesn’t have to happen, does it? Higgins, what if I told you that, somewhere in this prison, there was a box. A box big enough to hold whatever it is you wished. You have a wish, don’t you Higgins? I can make it come true, Higgins. All. You. Have. To. Do. Is. Trust. Me.”

I think Ben Linus would make an excellent prison warden because his very presence would be enough to creep out the inmates into submission.



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