All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield

I know I said I wasn’t going to pay much mind to whatever the fringe elements of some other country’s political landscape are gnashing their teeth over. However, when the U.S. right wing sets its sights on comics, well, now you’re in my territory, bub.

The latest cause for offense is Comrade Communism Captain America. Now, when you think of left-wing socialists who hate America and sit on Death Panels and insult Trig Palin, the first name to come to mind probably isn’t the fictional character whose costume is an American flag.

So what happened was,on a page in the latest issue of Captain America, an “anti-tax” protest is shown, more or less as a background to the current plot. Supposedly the writer, Ed Brubaker, didn’t identify the protesters as part of any movement and the artist didn’t write any slogans on their signs. The letterer looked at news photos of actual Tea Party protests and wrote on the comic’s depicted signs the actual slogans they were using. Also offensive is that Falcon, Captain America’s former sidekick, associates the Tea Party protesters with the Watchdogs, a racist movement that was running around Marvel Comics back in the 1980’s.

Well, as you can see, clearly this means Marvel comics hates America. It’s shame that the president of Marvel felt that he had to apologize to these idiots when there is nothing to apologize for. But this is what happens when a fringe movement of bullies get a disproportionate amount of news coverage.

At least Marvel will sell more comics so, you know, something good will come out of this.


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