Build with Bill

I’m going to discuss Season 4 of HBO’s Big Love so there’ll be spoilers, just so you’re aware.

It’s been, I think, fairly strongly hinted since Season 1 that the final episodes of this series would see Bill back at Juniper Creek as its prophet. Which, if any, of his sister-wives would be with him is another matter. This season appears to be moving toward that end at an almost frantic pace.

The main storyline this season is Bill’s running for the Utah state senate as a Republican. He and Barb will be pretend to be mainline Mormons and then, upon election, he and his three sister-wives will reveal themselves. Bill reckons this will allow them to “live in the light”. Much of this storyline strains credulity. If John Edwards couldn’t keep that love-child a secret, I can’t see how this simple fact about Bill, which is already known by just about everyone who personally knows the guy, wouldn’t derail his chances right out of the gate. But maybe it’ll be like a Charlie Crist thing, where everyone kind of knows the truth but does nothing about it.

On the private front, his family life is falling apart. After discovering that Margene and Ben have kissed, he exiled his son, much as his own father did to him. Barb may be attracted to the manager of his Native-run, Mormon-friendly casino. And Nikki is pushing him to accept his grandfather’s legacy as prophet.

Given that he has already started his own church, was told by the late Roman Grant that he “took” his authority from Heavenly Father, speaks as though his every inane utterance is somehow guided by God, and acts only for his own self-aggrandizement, I can’t see how the show can end in any other way than a very public disgrace and a return to Juniper Creek.

It’s also just occurred to me that my Sundays now include going to my little liberal, progressive church in the mornings and watching a series about FLDS polygamists in the evenings. Everything in balance.


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