Home again, for now

It was another festive season in the old hometown. The lad was showered with gifts but not overly spoiled. Fortunately, my relatives and I are not over-the-top gift givers because we’re broke we’re cheap we believe in the the true meaning of Christmas we’re more interested in the food and booze. We did buy each other a laptop and a Wii but those were planned purchases that coincided with Christmas. Anyway, nice low-key Christmas spent with family and friends.

It’s well known among my friends and family that we’re planning a move back to Saint John even as I keep asking Kerry, ‘Really? Are you sure you wanna live here? With the stores closed on Boxing Day and the inability to buy beer the corner store?’ I’m looking for work that meets my skills and modest salary expectations.

On Christmas Eve, I ran into an old neighbour who lived in Ottawa for ten years or so as a baker. She’s back in the John and mentioned to me that the one thing I may not be ready for is the culture shock. In Montreal, I feel very mainstream, conservative, even. In Saint John, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the token lefty.

But our reasons for moving are fairly straightforward: to be closer to family and to afford a house. As much as Montreal offers us, it will never offer us that.


4 thoughts on “Home again, for now

  1. Sorry to hear it even if we only met once in person once in real life during the four-odd years I’ve known you.

    We actually moved here for the same reasons you’re moving there. My in-laws are better equipt to help us with little ones (retired or have kids). While the cost of living and homes in good neighborhoods that we could afford not too far from downtown we another driving factor. Plus the kids could learn both languages. That said, each return trip has been more difficult. If we win the lottery to overcome the financial barrier, we’re there in a heartbeat.

    • It’s funny that you say that about us having met once. I always think we’ve hung out far more often than we actually did.

      I guess another reason why the idea of the move has been appealing is that I’m at a stage in my life where my relatively simple needs are can be met anywhere. The wee lad will likely want to broaden his horizons when he turns 18 and I’ll encourage and help him to go wherever he wants (so long as school is involved somewhere). But a quieter life and the odd pub night will likely be enough for me.

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