Road Trip 2009

Tomorrow, we’re heading down to New Brunswick for Christmas. We’re doing it by car this time whereas normally we’d fly standby. The problem with that is that I need to be back at the office by next Tuesday and holiday travel can be unpredictable at the best of times. Besides, we’ll have our own vehicle while there.

It’s a ten hour drive for an adult, if you stop only for gas, food, and the call of nature. With a toddler in the back seat, I’m told it’s … longer. Anticipating that, we’re breaking up the journey over two days, which will afford us the opportunity to take in the winter splendour of Edmundston, New Brunswick.

This is the lad’s first Christmas in Canada. Last year, we subjected him to a flight to Heathrow, a cab ride through London, a train to Carlisle, and car trip to Scotland to spend the holidays with his mother’s family. All told it was 18 hours of continuous travel. Other than constantly spitting up on himself the entire time, he took the traveling in stride. Mind you, he was also three months old and couldn’t even crawl. Now he’s a 15 month old toddler with an attitude and a desire to be in constant movement. I’m hoping that a much shorter trip in a vehicle that we can control and a laptop filled with Mighty Machine videos will keep him happy.

If he’s good, there may be an Irving Big Stop lunch for him.

So wish us luck and, as we say back in the John: ‘Yez guys have a Merry Christmas!’


One thought on “Road Trip 2009

  1. Have a good trip John! I’ve done the trip to Halifax and Manitoba with a toddler. It’s really not so bad. Then again he has a dvd player in the car to keep him busy so it’s Doodlebops and In The Night Garden ALL the time 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Drive safe.

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