So long, Norm

She was slowing down for sometime and being aware of her age, we knew that we’d have to make a decision someday. “Someday” became today as this week, her health took a sudden turn for the worse. When it was clear that she was suffering and in pain, we made an appointment with the vet for an exam, but really, to end things. We loaded her into her carrier and got into the car and headed out. She didn’t make it.

The vet told us it was toxic cardiomyopathy, a disease of her heart muscle and it simply gave out.

She was born in a barn in Ontario and followed Kerry through different phases of her life, eventually ending up in an apartment in Lachine where we expanded our family. She loved us and was well loved in return.

Reading in bed at night won’t be the same without her sitting on my belly.


5 thoughts on “So long, Norm

  1. She was 17-ish, so well beyond the average age for a cat. Kerry wasn’t sure her gender when she first got her, hence the male name (after George Wendt’s character on “Cheers”).

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