The Big Lad

The family went out shopping today to do a little Christmas shopping, get some groceries, and pick up some diapers for the lad. He’s now wearing size 5 and he’s fifteen months old. For those unexperienced with poop-catchers, there are six sizes. I understand that, normally, toddlers don’t hit that size until much later so I can’t help but worry that he won’t be potty-trained before he’s out of diapers. It appears that we have created a giant.

We’re not sure on what side of the family giantism runs. Kerry’s people are fairly, but not abnormally, tall, with the exception of her grandparents, who are Hobbits. My people are small and stocky with bodies made for pulling fish from the sea or pushing plow in field. Still, our little guy is not so little. Maybe it’s all the papaya he demands.

But isn’t he adorable when he sleeps? Just look:




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