V: The First 8 Minutes

So here are the first 8 minutes of the V remake. Obviously, I don’t think we’re to expect anything revolutionary here but I do want to point out a few things right off the bat:

  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • The kind of meta ID4 joke
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • The science vs faith conflict can only be resolved through an alien invasion.
  • No red jumpsuits!
  • Jesus tries to take out a guy in a wheelchair. Asshole.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • No Blu-Blockers!
  • Monica Baccarin

Beyond that, it seems that if the aliens are going to arrive with a false message of peace and love, you’d think they’d do it in a less terrifying way than hovering over cities and taking out a jet fighter.

And, going by the end credits, they will use porno music for the score.

Are there better things I could be doing with my spare time? Only about a hundred but I’ll still watch it.


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