Where Have You Gone, Sheila Copps? A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You.

“Greetings from the Shire!”

There is the very good possibility that we’ll be in full-on election mode this time next month. Now for political nerds like me, that’s fantastic but other Canadians aren’t as thrilled with the prospect.

“But we just had an election. I don’t want another so soon,” they whine as, halfway around the world, Iranians get arrested for wanting free and fair elections. “Besides, it might be cold that day.”

Oh, boo hoo. Suck it up. We voted a minority government, and the last day of the current campaign is always the first day of the next one. We can go at any time. Or we can go coalition government like we almost did last  year. It’s all part of the process we agreed to. You want a four year gap between elections? Give a party a majority.

Except, it’s hard isn’t it? Nobody’s particularly jazzed about Stephen Harper as a prime minister nor Michael Ignatieff as Liberal Leader. Meanwhile, the BQ, NDP, and Greens are not budging in the polls in any meaningful way.

It’s actually as good a time as any for an election. The Liberals can only threaten to vote against the government for so long before they actually do it. And if you’re tired of the two main options, an election may be the only way to change anything. Look at the possible outcomes:

  • Conservative majority: Ignatieff quits.
  • Conservative minority: Harper and Ignatieff quit.
  • Liberal majority: Harper quits.
  • Liberal minority: Harper quits.
  • NDP majority: Just kidding.

My predictions are usually wrong but I don’t think the Liberals are going to win this one and that may be better for everyone all around in the long run.  So who would replace him? Well, you know how you weren’t all that crazy about someone when you knew them but then when they go away, you kind of miss them?

Somewhere in Hamilton, Sheila Copps sits in front of Newsworld, tents her fingers, and waits.


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