Picture Province

As you can imagine, the latest news to burn up the internet is the New Brunswick government’s decision to add a slogan to provincial license plates.

The Zen-like slogan in English is “be … in this place” and in French is “être … ici on le peut”. This would be the first time since the early 70’s that the plates have had a slogan. The plates can be viewed here. But be patient, the page may take a while to load to due to high traffic volume.

At the link to the CBC story, reaction to the plates has been mixed. Some people don’t like the colours. Some don’t like the font size. Others don’t like the two languages. Still others don’t like the choices given for the alternative conservation-themed plates. Others wished we could return to the days when the plates read “Picture Province”.

And to think I’m seriously considering a move back there.


2 thoughts on “Picture Province

  1. I was just back there in May and, aside from the snow and the mosquitoes, I don’t think you’d be making a mistake. 🙂

  2. You know, it’s not the slogan that fills me with rage. It’s the horrible design with the gradient.

    Why must our license plates be so ugly?

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