On Leave

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be taking five weeks of paternity leave. It’s an ok deal and it’s one of those things that I think makes sense for governments to do – help people spend a little more time with their families. It’s not as generous as certain part of Europe, of course, but it’s little better than the U.S. where you’re more or less on your own after the baby is born.

So I’m glad that the programme is there and plan to take full advantage.

So the month of July, which I chose because it’s nicer than January, is going to be a month of firsts for the little guy. It’ll be his first major road trip (it’s nine hours to Saint John). He handled the Christmas trip to Scotland like a trooper and that involved connections in Ottawa, taxis to Euston station in London, an overnight stay in Silverstone, and two minutes to change trains in the worst train station ever. I think this trip should be a little less complicated. Besides, unlike a train or plane, you can always pull over for pit stops.

It’ll also be his first Canada Day, which he’ll spend in Saint John. His first St-Jean Baptiste will be here in Montreal.

He’ll probably meet some friends and relatives for the first time as well.

And it’ll be the first time he sees the Bay of Fundy.

Afterward, when we come back, his cousins from Scotland will be in Canada so we’ll be spending some time with them as well. That’ll be when he gets his first taste of rural Ontario cottage life. Is Lakeport still a buck a beer?* He’ll need to know this.

*It is not.

I think it’s going to be a good summer.


3 thoughts on “On Leave

  1. Taking the time in January isn’t that bad if you have a place to stay in Florida. But really taking time off someplace warm is great no matter where it is. Have fun. It’s an excellent benefit of living here.

    • I used to spend a little time on the parent (ok, mommy) forums which are mostly u.s.-based and was surprised at how often I’d read of women returning to work two months after the birth. I’d like to think that if parents had a little more one on one time with the kids, it can’t help but be beneficial for all concerned. But if that means a higher tax rate, than so be it.

      My original paternity leave plan was to inherit a large fortune and spend my kid’s childhood on our private island, playing Wii and reading comic books. That plan hasn’t panned out yet.

  2. Have fun & enjoy your time with the little guy! There’s nothing like it. I don’t know how women (& men) in the US do it. Two months? It’s insane. I found going back to work even after a year was difficult / questionable. Two years seems more appropriate now :). At least we have a year. I am very thankful for that.

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