Before you ask the question, the answer is: No, Hollywood has no original ideas. Just remakes. But really, who cares?

Ain't no shocker. We love our BluBlockers.

Ain't no shocker. We love our BluBlockers.

So ABC is remaking the NBC 1980’s cheese fest that was V. Originally two miniseries, then a series, V was the tale of a bunch of BluBlocker wearing aliens who come to Earth, and despite the fact that they dress like fascists, are warmly embraced by a naive populace. Then they steal all the water. And only Marc Singer can stop them. Oh, and they look human but are actually lizards who eat mice.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for this stuff. My favourite part of any alien invasion movie is the first 20 minutes when the population looks on in fear and awe and the authorities scramble to respond. Then Keanu Reeves shows up or Jeff Goldblum uses a laptop to upload a computer virus to the mothership and it all goes pear-shaped for me.

So this new V’s got that in spades. The trailer appears to give away the main twist of the series – that they’re eeeeevil so it appears to be a straight-up remake. However, as the new Battlestar Galactica improved upon the original, I would hope that this new version puts its own stamp on things. And from the looks of the trailer, it might actually be the first conservative sci-fi series in a long time: good looking people show up offering hope n’ change but a Homeland Security agent figures it’s really a socialist agenda to steal our water and impose public health care on unsuspecting Americans. That, however, may be reading a little too much into a three minute trailer for a show that’s barely in production. 

Like 90% of all new shows, this will likely not make it past the first season. But if it does, and if it’s done right, it could just be an enjoyable and unchallenging little cheeseball to take in on a weekly basis.


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