La Griffintown Montréalaise

In Dorion, on my way to my brother-in-law’s place, there is a dépanneur that specialises in local microbrews. Every now and again when I pass by, I stop in to buy a beer I’ve never had before. This is the latest find.

Brewed in Griffintown, the Montréalaise is part of a line of city-themed beers by Les Brasseurs de Montréal, who opened up their brewery in 2008. Each of their beers represent a unique cultural group whose roots go back to the early days of Montreal.

La Griffintown Montréalaise is labeled as a blonde. It went well with my homemade butter chicken dinner. I prefer darker beers but this is something I think that I may return to over the next few months as I think it’ll make a nice summer beer.

Other beers include La Rebelle Québécoise (a strong amber beer), La London Rudy Anglaise (a rousse), La Black Watch Ecossaise (a scotch beer), and two blanches (l’Orientale and La Belge). I’m looking forward to trying out those other flavours this year. Can’t say as I like the eyes on the label, though.

One thought on “La Griffintown Montréalaise

  1. The microbrews down in the southern part of the city are a time-honoured tradition (St. Ambroise, anyone?). Wish I was around the old hood to try this new one out. Sounds yummy.

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