Things You Need to Know About New Brunswick

In Moncton this summer, veteran rockers AC/DC will perform a show on Magnetic Hill. Local reaction has ranged from, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Fuckin’ A!!!” to “Give’r!!!” 

According to one fan, “This experience is going to be absolutely mind-blowing and will change the way you look at rock ‘n’ roll.”

In Fredericton, a similar outdoor rock show is promising to feature southern rockers The Black Crowes. 

Reaction to that has ranged from, and, again, I’m paraphrasing, “What is this rock and/or roll music of which you speak?” to “Will there be hip-swiveling?” to “Won’t somebody think of the children?”

According to one concerned citizen: “The speakers are going to be that much larger … the noise is going to be, I feel, overwhelming.” 

So the next time you’re planning your summer vacation to New Brunswick (and admit it: you are), take those factors into consideration when choosing the city you’ll be visiting.

Meanwhile, Saint John is still bitching that they never get the good acts.


2 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know About New Brunswick

  1. Having gone to UNB-F’ton, I have to say that it was a pretty happening town for punk and non-mainstream music, back in the ’80s.
    However, my most memorable concert experience there was in 1987 or 88, at the Expo, a concert sponsored by Irving, $2 for 2 people. The headliner? kd lang, back when she was doing her Patsy Cline thing. Good times.

  2. I remember k.d. lang doing that concert from the Exhibition Park Raceway in Saint John as well. I didn’t go but the sound carried all over my neighbourhood so it was the same thing.

    I think any decent university town is going to get some good bands. I saw a few that one year I went there instead of the Saint John campus. Fredericton is an odd place, though. If you’re not part of the university or a part of the civil service, you’re almost like a non-citizen. At least, that was a friend of mine’s impression when she was there.

    Fredericton has always had, rightly or wrongly, a bit of a rep for being an uptight place while Moncton always seemed a little more loose. The two stories just seemed indicative of that.

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